Due to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines, I am no longer allowed to print patient testimonials that talk about treatment of specific conditions. This does make it harder for you to see what acupuncture can be helpful for.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information, or if you have any questions.

I find the treatment & appointments very relaxing and very informative! I would highly recommend Lee based on the success of my own treatments.

KB, Buckingham

I decided to try acupuncture after years of trying to lose weight and being on and off various diets, with none of them working.  I've been to Weight Watchers, Slimming World; I've tried calorie counting and even resorted slimming pills but they didn't work for me; the weight fluctuated up and down and still there was not significant weight reduction.

Before meeting Lee, he gave me a few articles to read, and they seemed to make sense, so I set off,  slightly anxious, for my first visit.  I need not of worried.  Lee was very professional and we talked through diet, what exercise I took (very little!)  and many other aspects that I thought were nothing to do with my eating habits.  I was a little unsure as to whether this would work for me.

However, I am really pleased that for the first time, I am well on the way to losing weight.  Its steady - there is no dramatic fast route to weight loss - but slowly and surely the weight is coming off without to much deprivation - just a few small changes - and the results are showing. I feel so much healthier in myself.  Do the needles hurt.....not at all!  There is no easy answer to losing weight; first and foremost you have to want to do it yourself,  and with Lee's help and support you cannot fail - and he'll play music of your choice too.  Can't be bad!

JA. Thame

I had developed horrible bags under my eyes which resembled small puffy pouches. No amount of expensive face cream or early nights would make them go away. The doctors told me they were sinus problems and I was given nasal sprays which seemed to work for a while but in the long term the problem got worst until eventually – after being put on stronger medicines – I started to get nosebleeds. I didn’t want to look in the mirror and my face felt heavy and I felt very sad,  so I decided to book an appointment with Lee at the Village Clinic. He listened, he looked and he came up with a plan and I have never looked back.

GD, Leicestershire.

Hi Lee,

Please forgive me for contacting you but I just had to say how FANTASTIC you made me feel this morning.

I didn't know how I would feel but after I left I felt rather cold and shaky so we went for a coffee in Bicester. Gradually everything started to improve. I cannot explain the feeling - I know you can!! - but it seemed as if everything was getting back  into line and functioning properly again. I honestly felt about ten years younger. I felt very relaxed indeed.

I love cars and driving. Coming back I felt absolutely at one with the car and had got my old driving style back, i.e.; completely in control and thoroughly aware of everything around me. Everything had become far more 3D, if you know what I mean.

Basically, I just feel GREAT!!! and life has begun again. I am SO grateful to your patient MG for putting me in touch with you and I will certainly "spread the word" amongst other friends. Thank you SO much.

Kindest regards,

RC, Aylesbury

When I first went to see Lee in Spring 2007, I was pretty down in the dumps.  My husband and I had been trying for a baby for a several years and the previous year we’d suffered a miscarriage and failed fertility treatment (IUI).  To move forward I needed a mental and physical “workout”.

I had read that acupuncture could help improve the chances of conception and complemented western fertility treatment – it was worth a try.  I searched the British Acupuncture Council website, came across Lee and decided to give him a call.  Lee is really easy to talk to, so decided to give it a go – I had nothing to lose.

On our first meeting, Lee reviewed our lifestyle, stress levels, diet and exercise for both me and my husband; and, suggested some positive improvements to compliment the acupuncture.  We worked with Lee – like training for a marathon.

We improved the quality of foods we ate – proper home cooking and cut out on our alcohol consumption.  I felt myself becoming more positive and noticed a definite improvement in my health.

After 2 months, all the positive changes had paid off when I discovered I was pregnant – with twins!  Harry and Scarlett were born in December 2007.

AF, Bicester.

Having suffered from an extremely painful frozen shoulder for about 6 months - and having achieved no significant improvement after several visits to a chiropractor – I was advised to try acupuncture and so turned to Lee for help. I was immediately impressed not only by his thoroughly professional and relaxed approach but much more so by his evident passion for Chinese massage and acupuncture. My thanks to  Lee Butler whom I cannot commend highly enough.

DR, Bicester.

"Several months ago I determined that in order to live a happy, healthy life I needed to address several long term health issues with a cross section of treatments...a full blown holistic approach! Lee Butler came highly regarded by a friend and not only offered me intelligent and insightful advice regarding the various alternative medicines available but also treated me on several levels with acupuncture. In combination with the acupuncture and other alternative treatments I've been able to resolve health problems that I felt would always be with me. Lee was instrumental in this process and I can not speak highly enough of his abilities and his genuine desire to assist in resolving the complex health issues that had plagued my life for over 10 years....and if that's not enough he's a bloody nice bloke too!!!"

LF Buckingham (formerly of New Zealand)

When I visited Lee last month I was very impressed by his professional and reassuring approach. After an initial consultation he treated me with Chinese Massage and Acupuncture and I was amazed at how I felt after just one session. I will certainly go back to Lee for further treatment and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone else with a similar problem.

JG Bicester

All in all, Lee's expert advice, insight into Chinese medicine and amazing treatments have meant that I am now on top form mentally, physically and emotionally. My health and quality of life has improved dramatically and I now manage my work life balance !

L.S, Oxford

I went to see Lee *****. I was pleasantly surprised to find that acupuncture wasn't painful at all - I just experienced a strange tingling sensation at first and then actually forgot the needles were there.

Lee took the time to explain to me how I had arrived at my state of ill health and what could be done about it. I found the description of the disease process in Chinese terms absolutely fascinating and very helpful. It enabled me to make certain changes myself - diet & lifestyle - which helped me get better.

LH, Bicester

Lee came along at just the right time and was highly recommended by a good friend who had been treated by him. It seemed that all of a sudden I knew I had to start looking after myself and even after the first session I began to feel better.

So many things are now clear to me. Lee wrote me a kind of “life bible” which gave suggested foods, drinks and supplements to take as well as some excellent encouragement and mantras to make me really address some underlying issues.

Within a month I felt better and I still do - in fact now I look better than I have for a long time! I feel calm and happy with who I am, and the most amazing thing of all is that it really has not taken much adjustment.

The important thing to remember is that team-work is important. Lee made it clear to me during our very first session that I had to do my bit too!

Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal tablets and Lee’s advice to reduce certain foods and introduce others has made a huge difference to my life. Even though my original problem has gone I intend to see Lee once a month because when I walk out of his clinic after my acupuncture I feel truly amazing and I want that feeling to last!

S.E, Oxford

I first met Lee just over a year ago at a Business Networking meeting. As a Personal Development Coach I was fascinated to know all about his Acupuncture Practice.

A few weeks later I decided to consult Lee about a health issue which had been troubling me for some years. When I arrived at Lee’s Practice I was extremely impressed with his Consulting Room – everything about it expressed to me that here is a man who is passionate about what he does. The first consultation was an hour and a half during which Lee asked some very detailed and searching questions about me and my health. The actual treatment was not at all painful – Lee uses very fine needles so that you are not at all aware of them! You are then left for about fifteen minutes while the treatment takes its course. During this time you are listening to some incredibly beautiful and evocative music which transports you to another world!

I had six treatment sessions with Lee and I can truly say that he helped me and my health issue profoundly. Lee has great insight and integrity and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his skills and abilities as an Acupuncturist to anyone.

AM, Banbury

My wife suggested I try acupuncture and an appointment was made with Lee Butler. First impressions were very favourable Lee (who has a degree in the subject) has set up an impressive purpose built clinic with all the latest equipment and I was immediately put at ease by his easygoing professional approach. He was careful not to be too optimistic and suggested six to eight sessions and the treatment to be reviewed after three visits and terminated if no improvement had occurred. I thought this was a very fair appraisal and asked Lee to go head.

A number of needles were positioned in my top left shoulder along with electric connecting wires. A small current is passed though the needles causing them to vibrate slightly, the sensation is barely noticeable. For anybody looking for help, I would heartily endorse acupuncture and in particular the services of Lee Butler.

DB, Wendover

Thank you for the wonderful treatments you gave me. You’ve made such a difference in other ways – it’s truly amazing what a little pin in the right place can do, so keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

SP, London

Zita West Affiliated Acupuncturist

Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster School of Life Sciences

*The British Acupuncture Council is the largest governing body for acupuncturists. All members must have studied for at least 3 years full time on a recognised course.