Other Treatments


The following treatments can be used in isolation, however, depending on your presenting condition, a combination of treatments may be used.  It is not unusual for me to use acupuncture, cupping and massage in the course of a treatment (all included with the price),  or recommend a certain Chinese herbal formula.  The emphasis is on using a combination that is appropriate for you and one which will speed your recovery.


Massage can take the form of a gentle relaxing massage to help distress and unwind or a slightly deeper massage integrating the knowledge of acupuncture points and meridians and applying pressure with thumbs/fingers (generally referred to as acupressure). This type of massage can be relaxing and yet stimulating and therapeutic. In this type of massage areas of tension/tightness are addressed as well as any underlying problems.

There are specific essential oils and combinations of oils used in Chinese medicine used to treat certain conditions. One particular combination, unique to Chinese medicine – Po Sum On oil - is very effective at relieving tension in the shoulders and neck. Ask for more details.


I have sourced a range of nutritional supplements, ointments, sports/health aids that are available for people to buy (whether clients or not). These include cold wraps for sport injuries, Chinese herbal bruise plasters, special Chinese massage oil (specifically formulated for tense/tight shoulders and neck), wild oregano oil, Traumeel, VegEPA, Eskimo Oil, plus many more. Depending on the condition you present with, you may be advised which of these products may help to speed recovery.


An unusual addition to the page perhaps, however, advice is free, there is no obligation to book in for a treatment. I am more than happy to advise in any way that I can.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.